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educate parents, address concerns and advocate for children.

Parent Education about community concerns within the school and community affecting children and their families are best addressed at the local level. Some areas of concern for parent-educator involvement include:
The Top 22
   1. Illegal Drug Use
 2. Prescription Medicine Abuse
 3. Over-the-Counter Misuse
 4. Inhalants
 5. Alcohol Consumption
 6. Smoking and Tobacco
 7. Internet Safety
 8. Bullying/Cyberbullying
 9. Youth violence and vandalism
10. School violence and vandalism
11. School attendance
12. Gangs and cults
13. Delinquency prevention
14. Domestic violence
15. Television Viewing
16. Video/Computer Gaming
17. Homelessness
18. Juvenile justice
19. Date Rape
20. Missing and exploited children
21. Safety and safety education
22. School discipline

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A partnership of PTA parents and educators, health care workers and law enforcement specialists


  Your PTA/PTSA/PTO or other parent-teacher group can and should be involved in
  seeking solutions to your community's concerns by:
  • Contacting community agencies for additional information and assistance
  • Educating the community including parents, staff, elected officials and the general public
  • Identifying solutions and actions that need to be taken